Black Flogger Leather
Black leather flog with red rose tips. 22 inch long falls. Long slim handle made with same black leather. Light...
Blue Flogger Suede
Blue and black light weight flogger. Handmade 18 inch long falls. Capped by the same suede heads.
Cat-O-Tail Yellow Flogger Leather
Yellow and black leather flogger. Approximately 22 inch long falls with black rose tips. Slim easy grip handle made from...
Cat-O-Tails Flog Pink
Pink and black leather flogger. 9 falls approximately 18 inches long. Black rose tips and heads.
Cat-O-Tails Flog Red
Suede red flogger. Long slim handle. Approximately 18 inch long falls. Black turks heads.
Crop Leather Black
Black leather crop with heart shaped tip. Easy to handle no-slip grip. Approximately 22 inches long.
Crop Leather Purple
No-slip handle. Purple leather. Clapper tip, total length approximately 32 inches long.
Crop Leather Red
Red leather crop. Black heart shaped leather tip. Easy to handle no-slip grip. Approximately 22 inches long.
Double Whip Red
Red and black leather dragon tail double tip whip. Approximately 40 inches long.
Oral Sex Massager
Small, sexy and super-powerful, the Sqweel Go sex toy for women simulates the sensation of oral sex with expert precision....
Paddle 3 Heart
Long black leather paddle with 3 red heart design. Easy grip handle.
Paddle 4 Heart
Black leather paddle with 4 red heart design. Soft on one side, hard on the other. Easy grip handle.

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