Black Flogger Leather
Black leather flog with red rose tips. 22 inch long falls. Long slim handle made with same black leather. Light...
Black Leather Flog
This is the perfect Flogger Whip. Light weight, easy to handle and won't break the bank account.Nice light flogger made...
Blue Flogger Suede
Blue and black light weight flogger. Handmade 18 inch long falls. Capped by the same suede heads.
Cat-O-Tail Yellow Flogger Leather
Yellow and black leather flogger. Approximately 22 inch long falls with black rose tips. Slim easy grip handle made from...
Cat-O-Tails Flog Pink
Pink and black leather flogger. 9 falls approximately 18 inches long. Black rose tips and heads.
Cat-O-Tails Flog Red
Suede red flogger. Long slim handle. Approximately 18 inch long falls. Black turks heads.
Cotton Flog
Our basic Cotton Flog is perfect for beginners. Drag the soft cotton tails over your lover’s skin before giving them...
Double Whip Red
Red and black leather dragon tail double tip whip. Approximately 40 inches long.
Flogger Holder
Snap-closure holder slides onto your belt to keep your favorite toy close at hand. Holds floggers, whips, or paddles securely....
Leather Flogger
Available in our signature colors, this flogger is sure to become a fast favorite! Made from thick, gorgeous leather and...
Noir Flogger
Get back to bondage basics with our Noir Flogger. Black leather tails and wrist strap with a glossy lacquered handle....
Purple and Black Flogger
Flogger with purple and black leather falls and a basketweave handle with wrist loop.

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